cause and effect

you breathe, I inhale you;
like the warm rays of sun
beckoning grass covering
dew to rise up and fly back
to the clouds.

you speak, I soak you in;
like the voice of God whispering
down from heaven and altering
hearts to turn from old ways 
for a higher purpose.

you look my way, I dive in;
like a man who has walked the
desert for many years and finally
arrives at a lake filled with the
purest of waters.

you smile, I leap upon your lips;
like an astronaut who spent
far too long in space and has
returned to step foot once more
in his beloved home.

you touch me, I melt;
like an unlit candle waiting
patiently for it’s wick to be
ignited so it may be warmed
by the flame.

you kiss me, I kiss you;
like a babe who can only
mimmick what is seen and
hopes you feel the way I do
when our lips meet.

                               Jaymes Ian Woode


River of goodness

like heated rays beaming
upon ice dripping slowly
down glacial mountainsides,
streaming through a slalom
of white covered aspens
shaking mounted snowflakes
from their branches, dusting the 
thin air like eagles soaring through
layered clouds, calling their mates
whom wait, nestling their young,
cuddling frail bodies, shelter, 
granting pleasurable security
whilst eyeing braided brooks
quietly nourishing pastures seasoned
of off-spring, taking wobbly first
steps amid crowding proud mothers
appreciating nature’s run-off,
sustenance, the life-saving power
of several tiny drops of water;
the importance of compliments.

                                   Jaymes Ian Woode

Life’s life

enlighten me, if you have a moment,
time to spare, there seems to be so
much, time, wasted, unfilled by
meaningless acts purposefully
justified, supported, argued to
the hilt, but really, enlighten me
so as to cause feelings to uprise,
sinking doubt or question, if you
will, please, beg thee I will not,
as I relish in existence, sitting,
waiting, watching passerbys
scoot along, with children, puppies,
hailing lifts to somewhere, meaning-
less, yet I feel the gentle breeze
brushing my sun soaked skin,
cooling my face, layering my
hair, enlightening me to matters
of importance, like skipping stones,
or walking, breathing ever so deep,
inhaling life, what it used to be,
appreciated, so I’ve been told.

                                  Jaymes Ian Woode

Writing a gr8 buk dsnt nEd twttr!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you just need to get away.  For writer’s, it’s a cliche but one that is actualized on a regular basis.  With the demands of establishing a platform, marketing, staying in touch with thousands of people via twitter, facebook, blogs, etc., it’s almost impossible to seclude yourself and Continue reading

Time to ask questions about my book:

>Tonight, I will go head to head with J. Blair Brown in a showdown!  Didn’t mean for that to rhyme.  This interview was postponed for two weeks so you can imagine that I have been gearing up for it.  Actually, I’ve spoken to Judith on the phone several times and she is really a great person.  She did warn me that she will be playing devil’s advocate and defending the female race.  Though the book is not meant to discredit woman, I can understand where she is coming from.  So please, if you’d like to Tune-in, sign on to !

Feel free to ask questions online so that we can address them on the show!  Even if you don’t have a question, it will be a fun time tonight!  After the show, please feel free to come back here and leave a comment with your feedback!  Thanks for listening, Jaymes