cause and effect

you breathe, I inhale you;
like the warm rays of sun
beckoning grass covering
dew to rise up and fly back
to the clouds.

you speak, I soak you in;
like the voice of God whispering
down from heaven and altering
hearts to turn from old ways 
for a higher purpose.

you look my way, I dive in;
like a man who has walked the
desert for many years and finally
arrives at a lake filled with the
purest of waters.

you smile, I leap upon your lips;
like an astronaut who spent
far too long in space and has
returned to step foot once more
in his beloved home.

you touch me, I melt;
like an unlit candle waiting
patiently for it’s wick to be
ignited so it may be warmed
by the flame.

you kiss me, I kiss you;
like a babe who can only
mimmick what is seen and
hopes you feel the way I do
when our lips meet.

                               Jaymes Ian Woode


Love sparks

it happens in a flash, a brief
encounter, two people meeting
on the street, online, a coffee shop,
and they engage in conversation,
talk about the weather and where
they are from, it deepens into what
they do for a living, how they were
raised, what their hopes and dreams
are, they order a second cup, one
without cream and move from the
barstool to a booth, laughing at this
moment, this unexpected invitation
into each other’s life, though brief it
is heartfelt, passionate, and inside
visions of the near future begin to
arise, to come into light with color,
seeing hands being held, soft kisses,
playful moments in the park, with a
dog, and then a wedding, she’s in
white lace, seams adorned with gems,
her wavy hair falling on her shoulders,
as he stares, not afraid but frozen in her
presence, his vows memorized, they
walk the aisle together, into the
parking lot and the horse drawn
carriage, she steps in, he follows, they
embrace, her cup is empty, his still full,
she smiles at his silence as he comes
back to reality, he shivers, his hands
moist, but he knows, without any
doubt, right now, at this very moment,
what he must do, or fear losing
the magic she created in him.

                                          Jaymes Ian Woode

Don’t forget me

what if you forget me, the
sound my voice makes when
i see you after being gone all
day; what if you forget the
length of my arms that wrap
around you or the width of
my smile when I look into
your eyes; what if you forget
the depth of my love and
longing to be near you, to be
included in your life, as you
grow and open your wings;
what if your forget the stories
i told you at night, tucking
you into bed and planting one
last kiss on your cheek; what
if you forget what life is like
with me in it, being there,
helping you through the
tough times that brought
you despair; what if you don’t
remember that you are
everything to me, that which
fills my soul and makes the
sun a happy yellow; please,
please, never forget.

                                 Jaymes Ian Woode

Life’s life

enlighten me, if you have a moment,
time to spare, there seems to be so
much, time, wasted, unfilled by
meaningless acts purposefully
justified, supported, argued to
the hilt, but really, enlighten me
so as to cause feelings to uprise,
sinking doubt or question, if you
will, please, beg thee I will not,
as I relish in existence, sitting,
waiting, watching passerbys
scoot along, with children, puppies,
hailing lifts to somewhere, meaning-
less, yet I feel the gentle breeze
brushing my sun soaked skin,
cooling my face, layering my
hair, enlightening me to matters
of importance, like skipping stones,
or walking, breathing ever so deep,
inhaling life, what it used to be,
appreciated, so I’ve been told.

                                  Jaymes Ian Woode

3 steps for an author’s successful radio interview!

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I have never been much of a marketer but as a writer, in the modern world, marketing is a key element to the success of any book reaching the audiences intended.  With the help of my assistant and some other wonderful people, interviews are starting to come in.  My first interview will be on WED Feb. 2, 2011 on and I have to admit, I’m nervous.  It is much easier to write a book, knowing exactly what you are intending to write than it is to try to explain why you wrote what you did.  However, the bread comes with the basket!  Okay, it’s an old saying but it still applies.  In order to earn an income from writing, you must participate in the basket (interviews, articles, signing, etc.) that will carry you there.  Interviews are a great basket to help spread the word about your book and create the buzz needed to get people to buy it. 

Many people have told me that I have written a book that is in demand.  When I wrote 101 Behaviors a Guy Needs to Understand about His Woman! I believed that as well.  Now, as my work begins materializing in the marketing world, I am excited to talk about it but it took me a while to get there!  So, how do you alter your mind so that you are prepared for interviews?  Glad you asked! 

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