cause and effect

you breathe, I inhale you;
like the warm rays of sun
beckoning grass covering
dew to rise up and fly back
to the clouds.

you speak, I soak you in;
like the voice of God whispering
down from heaven and altering
hearts to turn from old ways 
for a higher purpose.

you look my way, I dive in;
like a man who has walked the
desert for many years and finally
arrives at a lake filled with the
purest of waters.

you smile, I leap upon your lips;
like an astronaut who spent
far too long in space and has
returned to step foot once more
in his beloved home.

you touch me, I melt;
like an unlit candle waiting
patiently for it’s wick to be
ignited so it may be warmed
by the flame.

you kiss me, I kiss you;
like a babe who can only
mimmick what is seen and
hopes you feel the way I do
when our lips meet.

                               Jaymes Ian Woode


Stormy Romance

in a house made for one, there
is always room for two, to watch
rain drops slither down panes as
thunder roars, i quiver when alone;
i want you near, to hold and bring
words of reassurance to my ear, to
crack a fire and open a book, to
reach for the blanket from inside the
nook, talking softly into the still air, 
while feeling your hand keeping me
from despair, the light dancing on
the ceiling too intimate for only me, as
the sky jolting sparks are finally set free, 
forcing us closer, together, dark
red wine cloaked by inclement
weather; we need more candles,
or maybe this is just fine.

                                         Jaymes Ian Woode

10 ways to add depth to your relationship!

In order to add depth to any relationship, one must act with intent to do so.  What does it mean to deepen your love?  How do couples grow closer?  Adding depth simply means finding something that causes you and your partner to appreciate each other more than you already do.  Whether you have been together one month or thirty years, there is always room to deepen your relationship.  How?  Below, I have listed 10 ways that any couple can, and will, add depth.  Here’s the catch: You actually have to do these things for them to work! Continue reading