if i hoped, for the sun
to shine upon your face,
or time to pause, so
that we could walk together,
takes turns on the swing,
hold hands longer, or
stand still, like time,
to gaze into each other’s
eyes, life, soul, the future,
our future, together, it is
my hope, with you, there
are no days, nights, years,
just us, as others pass by.

                        Jaymes Ian Woode


How things come together…

It is funny how things come together sometimes when you make the decision to live your dream.  Though I had heard many people tell me before, those who were way ahead of me in living their dream, that “Everything will fall into place.”  However, no one can tell another just how much faith you have to put into yourself in order to step over into your dreamworld.  For me, I exhausted every other possibility in my life before I realized that there was nothing else I truly wanted to do than write.  For others, the path may be different.  Regardless of how you get there, believe me when I say that when you are going after your dreams, “Everything will fall into place.” 

Yes, I am now a wiser member in the ‘Leap of Faith’ group and I want you to be also.  It is still up to you to take the leap and believe in yourself enough to not shy away from your dreams when times get tough.  Know this, tough times will come and before you know it something happens to help you along the way.  This just happened to me recently, when I was asked to use my skills in writing in a way I never considered before, and I can’t help but continue to share such happenings with you.  The dreamworld is exciting and will continue to be exciting as long as you keep chasing it down.  Obstacles come and obstacles go but living your dream never fades away!