Cycle of Love

The future isn’t always uncertain,
time passes us by, the earth spins,
day after day, light fills the sky,
than night, and birds still sing
each and every sunrise, as
the morning dew lifts up from
the ground, new leaves grow,
turning green in the warmth of
springtime, until the air cools,
they fall, life repeats, replaying
itself in time, but with you, the
cycle is non-revolving, each dawn
as new and fresh as the first,
each moment captured,
with you by my side, a new
canvas to paint, a new step into
the future of us; so know this, some
happenings are predictable, some
not as much,  but with you, now,
this day filled with many more
tomorrows, I wish for you to be
with me, walking hand and hand,
that our love may continue to cycle,
in the uncertain pictures we create.

                                          Jaymes Ian Woode