Love sparks

it happens in a flash, a brief
encounter, two people meeting
on the street, online, a coffee shop,
and they engage in conversation,
talk about the weather and where
they are from, it deepens into what
they do for a living, how they were
raised, what their hopes and dreams
are, they order a second cup, one
without cream and move from the
barstool to a booth, laughing at this
moment, this unexpected invitation
into each other’s life, though brief it
is heartfelt, passionate, and inside
visions of the near future begin to
arise, to come into light with color,
seeing hands being held, soft kisses,
playful moments in the park, with a
dog, and then a wedding, she’s in
white lace, seams adorned with gems,
her wavy hair falling on her shoulders,
as he stares, not afraid but frozen in her
presence, his vows memorized, they
walk the aisle together, into the
parking lot and the horse drawn
carriage, she steps in, he follows, they
embrace, her cup is empty, his still full,
she smiles at his silence as he comes
back to reality, he shivers, his hands
moist, but he knows, without any
doubt, right now, at this very moment,
what he must do, or fear losing
the magic she created in him.

                                          Jaymes Ian Woode



spring torrent, whips,
thrashing against pane,
wooden rocker, ghostly
old soul moving about,
screaming wind, trapped,
unsure they way to go,
swirling above, playing in
the trees across the street;
oh, how connected we are,
you and me, our existence
similar this night, spinning
about, destination unknown,
we sigh with heaviness and rage,
deep resonating melodies,
high pitches and low,
wailing aloud, lost, voicing
deep moans of frustration,
yet we pause, enough to tease
branches, waving as we pass,
at life, wishing to move, to 
uproot, though we, slapping
wind and I, yearn not to
remain uprooted, but to plant,
quieted and still, embracing
grounded possibilities.

                                        Jaymes Ian Woode

How things come together…

It is funny how things come together sometimes when you make the decision to live your dream.  Though I had heard many people tell me before, those who were way ahead of me in living their dream, that “Everything will fall into place.”  However, no one can tell another just how much faith you have to put into yourself in order to step over into your dreamworld.  For me, I exhausted every other possibility in my life before I realized that there was nothing else I truly wanted to do than write.  For others, the path may be different.  Regardless of how you get there, believe me when I say that when you are going after your dreams, “Everything will fall into place.” 

Yes, I am now a wiser member in the ‘Leap of Faith’ group and I want you to be also.  It is still up to you to take the leap and believe in yourself enough to not shy away from your dreams when times get tough.  Know this, tough times will come and before you know it something happens to help you along the way.  This just happened to me recently, when I was asked to use my skills in writing in a way I never considered before, and I can’t help but continue to share such happenings with you.  The dreamworld is exciting and will continue to be exciting as long as you keep chasing it down.  Obstacles come and obstacles go but living your dream never fades away!

What happens to us? A poem…

What really happens when things disappear?
Are they lost forever or simply put away?
Do they find new homes, to others who
find them more useful?  Do they wonder
aimlessly to find their way back home?

What occurs when meaning loses its’
meaning?  Was it just a passing of time?
Does it become a fragment of the past or
become another’s future?  Or only a step
to something more desireable?

What takes place when memories are
forgotten?  Are they so easily replaced?
Blocked out from harm or sorrow, or
kept a secret that fades for not being
shared?  Or was it only made-up?

Where does one’s breath go?  Once it
exits the body, blending into the
mid-summer’s breeze?  Once it was
something life sustaining, only to
vanish and never be seen again.

Why does love come and go?  Is it
afraid of losing its host?  Or does
it seek those who’ve yet to discover
it?  So that all of life may share in
the answering of so many prayers?

What happens when we remember?
That when love comes we can breathe
as new memories are created and life
gains new meaning, does harm and
sorrow go, disappearing as it happens.